Donal Morris, Founder, CEO

Donal has played a leadership role in the business of packet networks for twenty five years leading multi-disciplinary partnership based development teams and raising development finance. Donal helped establish the TRIANGLE, Q4HEALTH and 5GEx project consortia on 5G benchmarking, 5G Software Defined Networks, and real time video for emergency services. In 2011 and 2012 Donal established the CityFlow and LiveCity project consortium on OpenFlow scaling and video applications in smart cities. In 2008 and 2009 Donal was involved with IPsphere standardisation group for the business of IP. In 2004 Donal raised finance for twenty-three organisations to establish the EuQoS consortium for the development of an end to end quality of service system across heterogeneous network. Donal served as chairman of the EuQoS consortium board (2004-2007).

Prior to this Donal raised capital to develop and market a broadband service delivery product in the early days of a burgeoning software telecommunications industry. Leading several large consortia, Donal has raised finance to develop service ordering and billing systems, internet protocol charging and developed a system for broadband charging. Donal graduated in Electronic Engineering from Dublin City University in 1986.

Terry O’ Callaghan, Consulting Engineer

Terry O’Callaghan brings over 30 years of telecoms and electronics experience to RedZinc. His experience over 15 years from 1992 as a director of Digital Switch Systems includes international sales and management of product launches in EMEA and Australia to Telcos and major players such as Siemens and Ericsson. He also managed product design projects and outsourcings to far east subcontractors. During this time in a related company Terry ran an agency and distribution business selling a range of network infrastructure to the Irish Telco, Eircom.

Prior to this over a period of nine years, Terry held senior operational roles in both Irish and multinational companies in the datacoms and medical electronics fields. As Quality Manager and later operations Manager in Intec Medical Systems (the Irish operation of Intec Systems, Pittsburgh) he was a key member of the start up team in this technology leading operation. Having graduated with a first class honours degree in Engineering Science in 1975 his early career was in the telecoms sector working for Nortel in the UK and Ireland. From there he joined Telectron an Irish telecommunications company designing and manufacturing network infrastructure equipment for Irish and export markets.

Ricardo Figueiredo, Senior Software Engineer

Ricardo is the responsible for the Design and Development of RedZinc’s Multi-Domain Virtual Path Slice Orchestrator, VELOX. Involved from IPSphere standardisation trials to the current 5G work done in European Projects such as 5GEx, Q4Health and Triangle, with development done in the SAFE, Livecity and CityFlow Projects in regards to SDN networks and LTE slicing bringing VELOX to the forefront of network bandwidth orchestration. Ricardo also helped design and oversee development of key systems of RedZinc’s eHealth Emergency solution, Blue-Eye.

On previous experiences, Ricardo has a Computer Engineering degree from Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra (ISEC), finished in 2008, taken while being a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) in 2007/8. The degree final project was POL – Plantas Online, a Geographic Information System (GIS) for Municipality licensing that was later deployed in the Mealhada, a Portuguese Municipality. Ricardo also had an Internship at EDP (Portuguese Power Company) as a Systems Analyst focusing on System Analysis Methodologies, including an approach similar to LEAN.

Jeanne Caffrey, Director of Marketing

Jeanne has worked in business development and marketing in the ICT sector for several years and is currently working on the BlueEye wearable video software solutions for troubleshooting in healthcare, public safety, police and tele-maintenance sectors. She has experience both in international marketing for a number of software companies such as Jaspersoft, Lincor, Openet, as well as marketing and product development in a number of ongoing R&D projects financed by the European Commission and focused on Future Internet Technologies, 5G Communications and Digital Social Innovation. EU projects include TRIANGLE, Q4Health, 5GEx, LiveCity and FUSION, and are in the area of wearable video technology, future network technology applications, video applications in education and healthcare, IP charging.

Before this Jeanne worked as an engineer in GEC Alsthom in the UK and in ESB International in Dublin, delivering projects for technology companies such as BT and Intel. Jeanne graduated with a Bachelor of (Electronic) Engineering from University College Dublin in 1991 and holds an MSc from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.

Rogerio Lima, Software Engineer

Rogerio is a software Engineer with a Bachelor degree in Systems of Information from IBRATEC (Brazil), having extensive web and mobile development experience (started in Recife, 2009) in a PHP and Android environment also extended skills in  across multiple technologies (Java, C# and Python).

Rogerio has been involved at RedZinc on the BlueEye Project (IoT), developing the new driver for the new camera. Rogerio also works with BlueEye core, interfaces between low and mid-level (C/C++ and Java), Linux systems and in dashboard the BlueEye Mother.

Matheus Pompolo, Software Engineer

A software developer with a Bachelor degree in Systems of Information from UDF (Brazil), having extensive experience in software development and analysis.

Matheus has been involved at RedZinc on the BlueEye Project (IoT), developing the new driver to control, improve the camera functions and change the BE technology to a new platform. Matheus also works with BlueEye core, interfaces between low and mid-level (C/C++ and Java) and Linux systems.

Laura Diz, Computer Systems Programmer

Laura is a Computer Systems Programmer and has been working with RedZinc since she completed her internship with the company in 2018. She is finishing her studies in the Development of Multiplatform Applications in CPR Daniel Castelao, Vigo, Spain and will graduate in June 2019. Laura’s main interests lie in computer systems, database management and development environments.

Laura has been involved at RedZinc on the BlueEye Project (IoT) on an application level as well as other projects.

Val Redmond, Adminstration Assistant

Val has over 20 years experience in office administation as a PA and administrator and has worked in a number of senior roles both in Ireland and the UK.

Val joined RedZinc Services Limited in June 2015 as book-keeper and her role has since then evolved to include payroll and administration.