RedZinc Services Limited is a software company specialising in wearable video camera for industries including first responder and telemaintenance among others. Since its inception in 2004, RedZinc has been at the forefront of network telecommunications development, bringing its expertise in Quality of Service, 5G and network slicing to bear on its product development.

RedZinc Services has won, participated in or project managed more than 10 European wide research projects. Valuable expertise gained in those projects evolved into provision of specialized applications such as real-time streaming and wearable video, intensive research and development in the areas of 3G/4G+ networks, Quality of Service, network slicing and IP standardisation as well as business modelling for network service providers to our clients.

RedZinc was founded in July 2004 by Donal Morris, with a vision to provide quality of service capabilities on the public internet. RedZinc has developed into an applications and services company in the fields of network monetisation, wearable video and future network technologies. We have developed 

  • a wearable real-time, point-of-view streaming video device for 4G/5G networks called BlueEye, with many applications.
  • network slicing technology called VELOX™ which sits in the network to help operators maximise their returns on investment.

Most recently, we are working in the background on several projects in the field of 5G network slicing and trading, 5G device and applications testing as well as 4G testing in virtualisation, Wi-Fi cell handover and scheduling.

In September 2004 RedZinc joined the EuQoS research consortium on end to end quality of service over heterogeneous networks. The EuQoS consortium was led by Telefonica I&D. The European Commission provided €9.5m funding to over twenty partners. RedZinc’s partners in the consortium included France Telecom, Telecom Portugal Telecom Poland and Datamat.

RedZinc was a founding member of the IPsphere Forum and showcased it’s IPsphere prototype at the BT sponsored showcase in London. RedZinc participated in the IPsphere Field trial with Telus in Calgary and Telenor in Oslo. Following the pilots RedZinc released version one of the VELOX™ eplatform which was deployed in a university campus in Toulouse.

RedZinc was selected by Atos Origin to join the BonFire consortium and showcase RedZinc’s virtual path slice technology with desk top virtualization partner Cloudium Systems. RedZinc subsequently won a contract with OTE in Athens to implement a video-to-video pilot on a number of networks in Europe including Telefonica/O2 , Magnet, OTE and Deutsche Telekom.

With this rich background in research and development on public internet Quality of Service in partnership with leading research institutes including University of Coimbra, University of Bern, Laboratoire D’analyse Et D’architecture Des Systemes, University of Pisa and Warsaw Technical University, RedZinc has developed and produced its own technologies and applications.