RedZinc announces new 5G Public Private Partnership to pilot remote intervention in health care using live wearable video.



DUBLIN – 19 June 2019

This partnership is formed by VTT a visionary research, development and innovation partner in Finland and includes RedZinc, Philips, Telenor, Oslo Hospital and Hellenic Telecom. Participation in 5G HEART project is supported by the European Commission Horizon 2020 Program. 5G-Heart will provide comprehensive solutions for new hospital work processes with improved patient outcomes via wearable devices connected on 5G networks. (more…)

RedZinc selected to carry out 5G video stream scale testing on 5GinFIRE testbed


DUBLIN – 1 March 2019

RedZinc has been successfully nominated to carry out innovative scale testing in eHealth video streaming on the 5GinFIRE testbed. RedZinc was chosen because mission-critical applications such as eHealth, need to be deployed on a proven quality 5G network.  RedZinc will use the 5G testbed to simulate large scale 5G network scenarios of hospitals and ambulance services with a large number of users. The idea is to ensure network quality will be available in future virtualised 5G networks. (more…)

RedZinc video live streaming with Q4Health

DUBLIN – 11 June 2018

Navid Nikaein of Eurecom spoke to l’MTech journalist about joint project Q4Health with partners RedZinc (project leader) in Dublinand UMA in Malaga. The Q4Health project focused on the optimization of real time video for emergency services over LTE.

We experimented with video performance using wearable live video for first responders, improving response on LTE-A, with particular innovation focus on 3GPP release 12. RedZinc have achieved wearable video live streaming over LTE with this project. Please find the article here in English and in French:

French: Q4Health: une tranche de réseau pour la médecine d’urgence

English: Q4Health: a network slice for emergency medicine

La policía española llevará BlueEye para la transmisión de vídeo en tiempo real en la Feria de Málaga

Málaga, España – 14 de agosto de 2017

La tecnología de vídeo portátil BlueEye desarrollada por RedZinc se utilizará por primera vez para ayudar a la policía a controlar a las multitudes en la Feria de Málaga en España.  La policía llevará la cámara de vídeo montada en el hombro para ayudar con la seguridad y control de multitudes en Málaga durante el festival. El flujo de vídeo y audio de la cámara de vídeo de la policía será retransmitido en tiempo real al centro de comando de la policía. La tecnología de vídeo portátil BlueEye desarrollada por RedZinc se utilizará por primera vez para ayudar en este tipo de evento. (more…)

The police in Spain are to wear BlueEye for realtime video streaming at Feria de Málaga

MALAGA, SPAIN – 14 August 2017

BlueEye wearable video technology from RedZinc is to be used for the first time to help police monitor the crowds at the Féria de Malaga in Spain. Police will wear the shoulder-mounted video camera to assist with safety and crowd control in Malaga during the festival. The real-time stream of video and audio information from the police video camera is relayed back to the police command centre. (more…)