VELOX™ Slicing Solution

From a business case point of view Network Operators today are limited in maximising usage efficiency of their network resources and limited in revenue generation capability from service offerings due to the lack of flexibility in providing on-demand networking resources to customers such as applications providers, network operators and end users at the control plane level of the network.

RedZinc has a Virtual Path Slicing solution called VELOX™. The solution integrates with EPC Rx for radio access slicing and Onos for software defined network slicing. The solution is used in a number of 5G innovation projects.

Using VELOX™ gives Network Operators flexibility in the control plane allowing for on-demand set up and tear down of network resources. VELOX™ enables slicing of 4G and 5G networks, enabling new charging business models, new vertical applications and therefore network monetization for operators.

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