BlueEye Wearable Video Application Offering for 4G Wireless Operators

RedZinc offers a wearable video device called BlueEye aimed at vertical industries such as healthcare, public safety, power generation and construction. Mobile Operators can offer this device to any vertical industry needing real-time, point-of-view live video with interactive audio. The solution uses 4G radio access with uplink speeds better than 500kbps providing real time immersive.

The solution is based on simplex realtime video live streamed from the camera to the command centre or hot desk location. The video is supported by duplex audio. Backend application control is provided in the cloud and can be hosted by RedZinc, the wireless operator or the customer. Video is encrypted in the user equipment before it is sent on the public network.

The BlueEye solution uses best effort radio bearers. As an enhanced feature RedZinc can integrate to the wireless network application control plane and dynamically request (over Rx interface) guaranteed bearers with QoS support. This can be the basis for differentiated services.

The BlueEye currently supports LTE: 800 (B20) / 1800 (B3) / 2600 (B7) for the European Market. Other bands are available on request. BlueEye includes a Cat3 Modem.

RedZinc is interested in partnering with 4G Wireless operators addressing blue light healthcare, public safety sectors as well as industrial communication.

Please contact us for further information on BlueEye.