Real time video of emergencies can benefit both patients and first responders. When the video is relayed to the emergency doctor at the hospital, the doctor can help with diagnosis, treatment and oversight before the patient reaches hospital. For


  Telemaintenance can be carried out using the Blueeye wearable technology. On-site technicians can get expert advice, by displaying the faulty equipment orplant status remotely using live wireless video.  A remote “hotdesk” can then provide expertise to the local general maintenance


  Crime scenes and public safety situations can easily get out of hand and cause problems for the first responders as well as the public. With the BlueEye wireless video connection, an on-site police officer  can stream live video footage of

4G Operators

RedZinc offers two different technologies to operators today. We provide a wearable video technology for 4G Wireless Operators called BlueEye and a network slicing technology for Network Operators called VELOX™ .


RedZinc is involved in a number of 5G Innovations actions as part of the Horizon 2020 program. In the 5GEx project lead by Ericsson we are part of the team leading network virtualisation function experiments in the sandbox. The sandbox


RedZinc partners include several operators such as Telefonica, equipment manufacturers such as Ericsson, SMEs such as Keysight, academic institutions such as University of Malaga and many more.